Digital Marketing Agency

Goldrush is a digital marketing agency
that helps businesses hit their financial and
strategic goals with innovative marketing services.

Our Philosophy: Simplicity.

We believe that there are a select, core group of services where we can deliver unique value. Our unusual approach is because we’re a young company: steeped in online marketing; these concepts were second nature to us even before we applied ourselves to perfecting them.

We chose to focus on these services and make them the best we could, as opposed to trying to incorporate many different digital marketing initiatives.

There are many digital marketing agencies out there. Why Goldrush?

We’ve built our business on three fundamental values that we encourage and foster. Results is our first value, and everything we do is performed with the end goal in mind of helping you hit your goals.

Partnering with a digital marketing company is an investment. We provide simple, yet comprehensive analytics that allow you to get a sense of what impact our activities are having.

  • Results: Delivering value to our clients is built into our DNA. Our philosophy is that, if a business hires us as a marketing agency, it’s our job, first and foremost, to deliver on the goals we agree to with the client.

  • Innovation: Since its earliest days, Goldrush has been steeped in technology. The first iteration of our agency was built on Google’s Cloud Platform, delivered via IP voice and services managed via a core group of applications.

  • Excellence: We stand by the products and services we offer and work hard to make them have value to you.

About Me

Hi, thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Sam Liebl (LEE-bull) and I’m the founder of Goldrush Agency. There are two main things that businesses hire us for.

We help companies use productized digital marketing services to grow revenue, customer base and profitability.

A ‘productized’ service is built from the ground up to be super efficient and give you a clear understanding of what it’s going to do for you and how it’s going to work.

I wanted to build an agency that charged month-to-month and didn’t make clients sign a contract, because that’s what I would want. Our services are designed to deliver value from the get go, and we report back to you every month with how your account is doing.

We help businesses stay up to date with the latest marketing tools and industry insights so they can stay two steps ahead of the competition.

Our second goal is to enable your business, marketing and sales organizations with the latest technology and media that are out there. We consult on CRM implementations, sales and marketing automation and cutting-edge marketing techniques to make sure you’re delivering your message to every customer, every time.

Previously, I worked as an enterprise sales executive and consultant in the technology industry, specializing in the North American IT distribution channel for major hardware manufacturers. Focusing on value-added resellers, I advised technology companies of all sizes from California to Pittsburgh.

I got into digital marketing by writing sales copy on a freelance basis. In my free time, I like to read, write, draw and watch movies.

By the way, the name Goldrush was inspired by one of my all-time favorite digital marketing tools—SEMrush.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to working with you. Is there anything you’d like me to cover? Please give me a call or text if you have any questions: (216) 408-9379.