SEO Writing & More Search Result-Boosting Ideas for 2017

 by Sam Liebl


August 13, 2017

Google’s algorithm keeps on evolving and changing every year, but the foundations of search engine marketing remain important, and are now more crucial than ever. Here are some tips to complement your SEO writing in 2017.

Quality Content in your SEO Writing

Search engine optimization is more than ranking: it’s about giving value to users. Educating readers and helping them solve problems has to be the foundation of your campaign.

Write for humans–not for search engine bots. Low quality content won’t help you improve your search rankings. Fancy graphics and beautiful pictures on your site look nice but if it lacks of quality, it can keep you from turning visitors into sales. If you desire success on the search engine results page, then create quality content first with SEO writing in mind second, not the other way around.

One thing that’s helped us in this area is to view every topic like a learning experience. Every article you write, if it’s a quality piece, is going to be well-researched and thought out.

Look at creating content as an opportunity to hone your writing skills and get familiar with new topics that increase your value to clients, employers and anyone seeking pros with wide ranges of knowledge.

On-site SEO

Nowadays, you’ll hear more about bounce rate and user experience. Google can measure how long a person spends time on your website. They know how many pages your visitors view while they are on the site.

Onsite SEO refers to making the entire website better, with things like sitemapping and setting permalink structures. These structural improvements to the site increase its usability and experience for visitors.

Search engines want to lead their users to great sites that are a pleasure to use, and thus rank sites that are optimized on the backend higher than those that aren’t.

Mobile Optimization

More than 51% people prefer to use mobile phones for accessing the internet. Make sure that you update your website for mobile compatibility.

The best way to test your site is to use tools designed to help you create amazing mobile sites, like the free Mobile Website Speed Test from Google.

Mobile Website Speed Test (Google)All you have to do is enter the URL you’re testing and let Google do the rest. Here’s a sample output with Wikipedia’s page on Search Engine Optimization.

Google’s Mobile Website Speed Test tool lets you see exactly how your site’s behaving by category, and you can get a free report by clicking the button.

Use it to test your site today

Link Building

Google really loves high quality content. Make sure you continue to link yourself with quality websites with solid domain authorities and have unique content. Without links, Google and other search engines won’t be able to find your website.

By that same token, backlinks, or links from other sites to yours, are the gold-standard in determining your website’s authority, and thus, value to those looking for information on your topic.

Because they’re difficult to get, they carry a lot of weight in your site’s ranking. Even if it doesn’t happen overnight, putting in the time building relationships with prominent and heavily-trafficked sites in your niche will pay off.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is more important in your online marketing. You’ll get better results if you combine it with SEO. Make sure you have a good profile with proper username, descriptions and posts.

Again, the key here is consistency. If you’re regularly posting content and working to build engagement across your social media platforms, you’ll build and audience. There are two sides to this coin: Does it take a long time to build an audience on social media? The answer is yes.

However, once that audience is built, all you have to do is keep it. If you do, your social media fans become your own, self-sustaining growth-and marketing engine. It requires little input relative to the big payoffs for your business.

If you don’t start paying attention to optimizing your website now, the future competition is going to take you out.

Are any of these new to you? If you’re looking for guidance, we’re here to help.


Sam Liebl is a Marketer, Writer, Salesman and Designer. He founded Goldrush, a Cleveland, OH-based Digital Marketing Technology Agency to bring the cutting-edge technology and techniques at the forefront of digital marketing to every business. Previously, Sam worked as an enterprise sales executive and consultant in the technology industry, specializing in the North American IT distribution channel for major hardware manufacturers. Focusing on value-added resellers, he has advised technology companies of all sizes from California to Pittsburgh.