Social Media Strategist Tips To Strengthen Social Marketing

 by Sam Liebl


If you are a person instead of a company, you need to take a different approach in order to grow your brand through social media. Be sure to contact us for information on our social media packages for businesses of all sizes.

Since over 90% of customers trust information from people they know when making a purchase decision, building personal connections might be the most effective way to develop trust and authority with your audience.

Here are five ways you can use social media to make that happen.

1. Engage in the Right Groups

Find groups that are related to your niche, share your story and experience and build authority around your brand. You don’t have to join industry groups that are overcrowded with your competitors already. Join groups where you can likely find your target market and audience.

2. Keep your Images Consistent

Maintain a consistent brand across all your social media profiles. Present yourself in a consistent manner to control your audience’s perception of your personal brand. If any of your profiles show up images that don’t represent you then you are damaging your reputation or personal brand.

3. Be Active

Branding takes a lot of effort, and it should be treated like a job. Be consistent and produce and share content daily. Adjust the frequency and types of content based on the audience presence.

“A once-weekly Twitter post or monthly Instagram photo are not going to accomplish much, if anything,” writes Michael Noice, founder of Entrepreneur Coach. “For this reason, it’s best to focus on two or three carefully chosen social networks and try to be active on them, rather than posting sporadically to a half-dozen.”

4. Be Creative

I recommend crafting a communications strategy for your personal brand that includes an editorial calendar and a diverse content plan so that you won’t resort to publishing the same types of articles every single day.

Be sure to include images, videos, articles, and even questions. I see a lot more reciprocal engagement when I change up the type of content that I post daily.

Another benefit is that this diversity prevents you from oversharing your own content. Even if your own content is fantastic, your followers will appreciate when you source and share authoritative content from other people.

5. Study Influencers

Connecting with and even collaborating with influencers is a smart way to build your personal brand and get yourself seen, but it takes time. You have to develop a relationship with influencers before they’ll want to work with you.


Sam Liebl is a Marketer, Writer, Salesman and Designer. He founded Goldrush, a Cleveland, OH-based Digital Marketing Technology Agency to bring the cutting-edge technology and techniques at the forefront of digital marketing to every business. Previously, Sam worked as an enterprise sales executive and consultant in the technology industry, specializing in the North American IT distribution channel for major hardware manufacturers. Focusing on value-added resellers, he has advised technology companies of all sizes from California to Pittsburgh.