Analytics & Business Intelligence

Your Business Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Powerful Insights

What A Content Marketing Agency Does

Using industry-leading tools and a data-driven approach, we’re able to build a cross section of your business. See the numbers you’ve always wanted to see, and discover some you didn’t know you were missing. Optimize your processes. Eliminate inefficiencies. Experience total control.

Simple. Clear. Powerful.

Among the many benefits that digital marketing has brought to businesses is the ability to measure almost anything. In fact, the tools we use can generate so much data that you may have too much to look at. From clicks to likes, conversions to bounce rates, it can be a little overwhelming at times. We simplify the analytics process and present it to you in a streamlined digest so you see exactly where your business is at without having to sift through meaningless jargon and useless data.

Setting Up Your Information Database

We’ll pull reports for you and show you, on-demand, exactly what you’re looking for. Or, we’ll hand the keys over to you to view full time. It’s your data and you can track everything from the seat of your desk.

Partnering to Grow Intelligently

It’s crucial to get together and identify what metrics matter the most to you. What will you need to hit your goals for your business? Whether it’s growing revenue, strengthening your online brand or expanding into a new market, we’ll work with you to connect your business plans to hard, real-time metrics.

See Yourself From Others' Perspective

Sentiment Analysis is uncovering and making sense how the audience is reacting to your company, either positively or negatively. It usually refers to social media. We use industry-leading tools to track mentions of you and do a deep dive into your social media strengths and opportunities to improve — allowing you to control the conversation about your brand.

Bringing Order to Driving Revenue

The foundation of any online business is the sales funnel. We help you track your leads’ progression through the funnel and every touchpoint they encounter along the way. We work within your organization to identify key stakeholders at each sales funnel stage to get buy-in on roles & responsibilities. We diagnose any problems with ultimate conversion and address them with targeted remedies to make sure your funnels are producing revenue like clockwork.

Charting to Relevant Data

In marketing, it’s easy to slide into endless reporting that doesn’t result in any change. Your reporting shouldn’t be just another task of things you have to do. It should be the basis for data-driven recommendations for your team and the wider business. We help you establish a clear reporting workflow to help you accomplish just that.