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Writing With Search Engines in Mind

What is Copywriting?

Goldrush offers SEO copywriting services created just for you. With our effective copywriting skills, you will attract more readers, build an audience and ultimately turn them into buyers.

But what exactly is copywriting and why do you need it?

Sales copy is another way of saying “the words in ads.” Put differently, sales copy is writing that aims to get the reader to do something. As you may have guessed, copywriting is the act of writing sales copy.

In modern web copywriting, the goal of the writing is often to get a customer to buy, but increasingly it’s simply to join a mailing list. Copy can also get readers to sign up for a free resource, like a pamphlet about a relevant topic.

Where SEO Fits In

As for the “SEO,” or “search engine optimized” side of it, modern copywriters must write within the context of search engines. Specifically, today’s copywriting needs to include strategic keywords that customers looking for the product are using when they search for it online. SEO goes much deeper than simply including the keywords. For example, it also affects the structure of the writing. Properly formatted, an article signals to a search engine that it’s high-quality content.

What a copywriter writes is more effective when more people read it. The more friendly the writing is to search engines, the wider the audience. For more information, take a look at our pages on SEO, located here.

Copywriting is the Starting Point for Any Marketing Campaign

The Importance of Copywriting

Copywriting is the foundation of digital marketing. The words you use in your campaigns form the path that the reader follows to your desired action. Despite all of our high-tech tools and media, the best way to instruct people to do something is still with good old-fashioned sentences and paragraphs.

SEO copywriting will form the backbone of every digital marketing effort you run online. Images, graphics, videos, layout—each one of these is extremely important. However, nothing is more important that being able to let your prospect know exactly what they’re supposed to do with clear instructions. That’s the value of copywriting.

Goldrush SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting services with Goldrush give you easy, on-demand content for articles, blog posts and website copy. Everything we write is search engine-optimized for the keywords you specify. Based in the US, every piece of writing is checked by a native English speaker before making its way to you.

We’ll produce content and you have more time to run your business. Or we’ll be your staff writer, taking direction and collaborating on a piece.

Whether you’d like to be hands-on, shaping the writing and directing the strategy; or give us what you’re looking for and have us handle the rest, our service is flexible and open enough to allow you to get high-quality content however you want it.

Writing Well

We have years of experience writing for the digital customer. We’re a team of wordsmiths passionate about creating copywriting that’s beautiful and effective. Easy on the eyes, fun to read and built from the ground up to get as many customers to convert as possible.