Dental Internet Marketing

Online Marketing that Works as Hard as You Do.

Dental Internet Marketing

Online Marketing that Works as Hard as You Do.

We are an internet dental marketing agency with only one purpose: grow your business. Digital marketing for dentists’ offices is most effective when

We offer services that can fill any digital marketing need you have, but the above five are what we focus on in our work with dental practices. Take a look below for more information on each.

Social Media

Let social media redefine your business by making your community fall in love with you. Showcase your public service, commitment to the community and impact your practice has on your neighbors’ lives.

We automate your social media and post for you every single day. Our team sources relevant, original and handmade content that will excite your customers and bring them back to your practice again and again.


Your website is your business. Hundreds more people see your website than will ever meet you in person. They make instant judgments about you and your company, and will write you off if anything is lacking in your online experience.

The positive is in your site’s potential. Your site can be the greatest tool in your arsenal. It can sell for you without you lifting a finger. It can take your practice wherever you want to go.


The cornerstone of local search marketing — your visibility everywhere online is creating local business listings. A listing is an online profile with your practice’s information in directories like Google+ local, Yelp, Bing Places Internet Yellow Pages & Yahoo! Local.

Each new listing you create increases your chances of being found by customers. Listings share your information among each other and add more chances for patients to find you.


Everyone is going online to find information about you as you read this. Many are looking for reviews on your practice. Even if users aren’t actively looking for reviews, they’re going to find them right alongside you when they search in Google.

We minimize threats to your business by monitoring mentions of your practice online and follow up with patients after their visit to get authentic, positive reviews. By offering incentives to post on social media sites, we quickly accumulate glowing testimonials on visits to your office.


People go online to find information. When that information comes from you, you move from unknown to a valuable source of advice, insight and resources. Content marketing means creating blog posts, writing helpful guides and authoring other material that provides value to your patients.

Today, it takes about an average of seven interactions with the customer before they do business with you. Effective content marketing connects you with customers again and again. By enabling multiple patient touchpoints, you’ll bring in more new patients than ever before.

Healthcare professionals like you have amazing stories to tell. By entering into a profession defined by helping others you improve the quality of life in each member of your community.

We do three things for you:

1. You have a great story already, but we know how to tell it even better.
2. We know where to tell it, on the media channels where your patients spend the most of their time.
3. We perform, publish and distribute your story for you every day, so you have more time back to do what’s most important to you.

That’s how we help.