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What A Content Marketing Agency Does

Selecting a digital marketing agency to handle your law firm marketing is anything but easy. There are many companies that manage online marketing services for attorneys.

You’ve experienced this and you want to find someone that will actually keep the promises that they make. If you’ve had any experience marketing for a law firm, you’ve probably tried SEO, PPC, or any form of search engine marketing on the internet, you’ve been disappointed.

Competition among law firms is growing, and it will continue to rise. According to the American Bar Association, there are over 1.3 million lawyers in America.

Some law firms are not using digital at all and neglecting basic marketing channels like social media marketing.

Your prospects — future clients you could help — are looking for and finding competing law firms who are executing law firm web marketing plans effectively.

Here are the big four reasons why working with us is a smart investment:

1. You will be ahead of the curve.

We pioneer new technology and help clients use it to their advantage. Are you using geofencing? It is mobile advertising that reaches potential clients right on their smartphones, when they’re in a specific location, like hospitals or courthouses. Have you started using AI in your marketing efforts? Working with us, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities open to you.

2. We get results without damaging your image.

Your reputation is your business. Plain and simple. While we energetically find new leads for your business, we always do so professionally and we don’t spam or annoy. We work with an extended group of US-based lead generation experts, screened for positive attitude and communication skills. We’re clear with you what we will and won’t do, and any special requirements from you will be honored to the letter.

3. We’re in touch with what attorneys and law firms need.

The most important (and overlooked) marketing tools law firms should use are social media marketing, client review marketing and online reputation management. Put simply, we get you active on social media by doing all the work, we promote authentic, positive reviews about your firm and we monitor the web for mentions of your brand to control the conversation about your practice.

4. Wide array of capabilities.

Need someone good to redo your website at a fair price? Call us. How about running an SEO site audit and making changes to get you ranked higher? We can do that. High-quality, intelligent articles and blog posts? Us again. Check out our website for a full list of what we can do.

What's Next?

A phone conversation. We’ll show you briefly what we’re capable of and some of the great things you get access to when you work with us. It’s a no-pressure way to get more information, check out cool marketing gadgets and see if we’re a good fit for your firm.

Please fill out the form located here and we’ll set up some time on a day that works for you. Phone conversations can be as short as 15-minutes or as long as you need them to be

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