Lead Generation

Develop the leads you need.

Never Worry About Where Your Next Client Is Going To Come From

Lead generation is identifying customers who are a good fit for your product or service and beginning the sales process with them.

Changes to lead generation have been significant–online and digital channels have revolutionized and strengthened it. At Goldrush, we believe in the dominant theory of the “self-directed buyer,” which means that due to the volume of information available to the average consumer, we’re experiencing big changes in the way people buy, and digital marketing needs to adapt. We also use new and innovative techniques to qualify buyers and bring them into contact with you brand.

They way people buy has undergone dramatic shifts and your company will benefit buy adopting the latest techniques to be heard through the roar of advertising messages. We focus on helping you build ongoing, authentic relationships with customers as opposed to only sending out mass emails and one-size-fits-all marketing messages to your contacts database.

Sales Funnel Creation

The most important part of what we do is creating a sales funnel. Depending on your needs, we might use one funnel directing prospects to your website, or multiple sales funnels across your distinct brands and product offerings.

Targeted Prospecting

We’ll work with you to decide on the best way to segment the relevant markets for your products and services.

Lead Lists & Contact Information

We then go out and bring back names and contact information for the top candidates.

Inbound Marketing

At the same time, we use a variety of methods–paid search, content, targeted email campaigns–to drive as much traffic back to your site as possible. Using the latest industry tools, we profile visitors to your site and build conversion strategies to turn them into customers.