Local SEO

Build Your Reputation in Your Community

Big-time Local SEO

Claim Listings

We Position and Optimize Listings for Google+ and many more. During our Local SEO work for you, we get information about your company in over 50 directories, including Facebook, Bing and Yelp–we also ensure that your business is in the data services that provide Siri and other mapping software with information.

Local Search Results

Quickly gain visibility and exposure on the most powerful local listings sites. We compile listings for your business, integrating them into 50+ directories. We provide you with a dashboard that you can access to make changes in read time.

Update and Promote

We know how to make you look your best and keep you looking good, day in and day out. All listings are regularly updated and present you in the best light with up-to-date photos, video content, special promotions and accurate business information that’s synced across all of your directories.

Track Performance

Ever wonder if your latest promotion or social media post get your audience excited? Partnering with Goldrush means you can track your activity and profile views in your dashboard and get visibility into the campaigns you’re running that get your customers hopping!